Photocopy, Flyers, Posters, Business Cards, etc.

Through digital restoration we can remove mold and water damage from your heirloom photos.

Torn images, photos stuck to glass, images missing elements; all can be digitally corrected and reprinted. Remove scratches, unwanted backgrounds, objects or people from your photos. We will correct discoloration, fading, stains and color casts.
Please email us; for a quote or visit our store in Shaba for more information. Prices start at Awg. 40

The procedure is simple we will restore your photos, email them to you for approval and print them on the longest lasting print medium HD Metal, archival photographic paper, canvas or any of our photo gift Items. Our restoration service packages come in multiple levels from Basic to Extreme. Pick the one that is right for you based on the photo and your budget.

We provide photo enhancement of your images upon request.

  • Repair torn & ripped photos. Rebuild photos missing elements.
  • Repair water & mold damage. Correct the color balance & fade.
  • Smooth wrinkles, remove facial scars, and skin blemishes.
  • Change the Background of a photo.
  • Correct color, adjust over & underexposure, sharpen details.
  • Whiten teeth, replace a smile, correct red eyes, lengthen eyelashes.
  • Remove a person from a photo, or even place a new person into the photo.
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