Terms & Conditions


All our products are made to order. Although we strive to make each product to the highest standards please allow slight variations in production due to the hand made nature of each product.


Due to the personalized nature of our products once an item is created there are no refunds available.


4D Photo Bar will not be held responsible for products that are not picked up within 30 days of payment.  Such products will be considered abandoned and forfeited.  “Abandoned” in this instance means that 4D Photo Bar will make “every reasonable best effort” to contact the customer by telephone, messenger and email (where such methods of contact are available) during the 90 day period, and if after this time, we have received no response from the customer regarding the item we will implement this “Abandoned Product” Policy and Procedure. No refunds or replacements will be issued for abandoned products.


Customer assumes full responsibility for all artwork, images and text submitted for production online. This includes text spelling, formatting errors, omissions and additions, blank (empty) insert text fields pixelated images (images with low resolution), empty image markers, images that are poorly cropped, images placed beyond product bleed tolerances, color variations of up to a single stop in exposure, out of focus images, and copyright or trademark infringement. 4D Photo Bar is not responsible under any circumstance to review customer submissions, even if having done so prior. From time to time 4D Photo Bar might contact the customer with questions referencing the production of an item on order. In the case of customer error, 4D Photo Bar MAY elect to reduce the price of a replacement order upon customer request.

Please see below for a list of minimal acceptable tolerances based on individual products.


We pride ourselves to do our best to match the customers expected color output on every product we sell. The high complexity of interpreting and translating color spaces between different programs, computer monitors, products and printers will lead to variations in color output. Color tonality, brightness and saturation will vary between different print mediums. For best results it is wise to order a sample print on standard photo paper prior to ordering large prints and photos on metal and other products. For standard photographic prints please provide images saved as JPGs within the sRGB color space. We utilize a color managed workflow and can accept images in Adobe RGB saved as TIFF files. We also offer color correction and a color managed workflow for an extra fee. 4D Photo Bar can not guarantee print color unless color correction is chosen at checkout (in the notes field) or requested in advance. There will be an extra fee for color correction services. The majority of our customers find our wide color gamut superior to other labs.


All printers strive to produce 100% accurate products. However, with any mechanical process there are tolerances that should be taken into account. Cutting blade widths, printer offset and paper variation must be taken into account. As such, final product dimensions and border placement can vary by up to .125 inches (2 mm). Customers are requested to keep critical parts of all images and all text within the specified bleed lines and away from all borders. When ordering prints, which require strict exact measure please add exact measure to the comments field on checkout. We will do our best to accommodate such requests when possible. For best results order prints 1/8” larger in size (4 mm) than required & indicate the required exact size in the comments field.


Metal photo panels are produced by infusing hot dyes into a coating on the surface of the metal panel. Occasionally, small imperfections will be visible on the surface of the material in the form of small dimple or bump. This a naturally occurring phenomenon of the coating process. We regret we can not offer replacement of Chromaluxe panels with this effect as it is a normal phenomenon.

Metal panels edges may chip during the production process. Due to such circumstances, panels are often trimmed between 2-3 mm to remove such edges. Sizes may vary by 2-3 mm from the size ordered.

Due to the infusion of inks into the coating on the metal panel colors will vary from standard photographic prints. 4D Photo Bar cannot guarantee color output to customer preference unless a test panel is ordered in advance for approval. We do recommend hanging all prints out of direct sunlight for optimal longevity.


Due to the woven nature of canvas, very slight surface imperfections are to be expected in the final product. Canvas Prints may be subject to shrinkage after printing. Final mounted sizes are often up to 1/8 inch smaller than specified. We attempt to produce all canvas prints to the highest standard. We use special satin or glossy lacquers to provide a final protective coating from UV lighting on all mounted canvas prints. On occasion the application of the protective lacquers might result in slight dimples or surface irregularities being visible on the final mounted prints. The UV coating is provided to protect canvas from premature fading due the strong sunlight in Aruba. We do recommend hanging all prints out of direct sunlight for optimal longevity.


Designs will be slightly visible on color changing mugs even when cool. Color changing mugs are dishwasher safe, however for best results 4D Photo Bar highly recommends hand washing. Color changing mugs will fade over time when left in direct heat or when placed in a microwave.


Due to the jagged and irregular nature of the edging and stone surface, slate will show such imperfections through the photo. This is a natural occurring phenomenon and is considered creative art. Slate can vary in size by up to 1/2 inch. Slate items are sold as is. You are free to request to review the blank slate samples prior to production while visiting our store.


Our prints on natural maple wood, and clear metal surfaces will offer an interpretation of an image in an alternative print medium. Such prints are considered creative art and will deviate from the original photo by substituting metal or wood for white as a background. For best results please visit our store and review different samples to determine your preference.


Dye sublimation printing on t-shirts and tank-tops is not a cut & sew process. We cannot guarantee 100% accurate placement of graphics on our sublimation t-shirts. This is due to the variation in sleeve shapes, torso lengths and collars. For best results please visit the store and try on clothing to indicate image placement. Expect white fold streaks at all seams on all clothing. For best results we recommend keeping image away from all seams. All sales on clothing are final.


All items must be inspected upon receipt. Once an item has left the store the customer assumes all responsibility for the final product.


Due to the personalized nature of our products once an item is created there are no refunds available. 4D Photo Bar will not be held responsible for products that are not picked up within 30 days of payment. Such products will be considered abandoned and forfeited. No refunds or replacements will be issued for abandoned products.

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