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Panorama Print on 60x30 inch (1.5x.75 meters) Made in Aruba
After extensive research and testing we chose to distribute Duraluxe Metal in Aruba in 2020. The ideal print medium for Aruba's harsh sunlight, Duraluxe metal has a unique fade resistant coating. Your image is impregnated into a coating on the surface of the metal panel. This allows the print to be placed in direct sunlight or even outdoors.
Duraluxe Mid Gloss 60x40 inches. Frameless Shadow Mount.
Duraluxe Ice Touch Metal - Textured Slight Shimmer, UV Resistant, Non Reflective.
Custom Photo Arrangement - Designed & Made to Order - Printed on Duraluxe Semigloss Metal.
Perfect for Awards - Duraluxe Dimensions Textured Metal - Commemorating Inaugural Flight
Commemorate a milestone or memorialize a loved one on a tombstone. Duraluxe metal is currently one of the longest lasting full color print mediums for both outdoor and indoor use.
Have a custom project?  We can bend, shear and form metal into many shapes. Lightweight but durable, our metal panels are approximately 1.2 mm in thickness. Create name tags, door plates, and desktop signage. Quantity discounts are available.
Our metal prints come in over 10 finishes. For large projects we recommend printing samples to determine the best surface for your image or graphic.
Metal Surface Sampler
Duraluxe Metal is currently available in Aruba (starting from Top left) Dimensions Textured - canvas, Glossy - medium gloss, Ice Touch - 2 tone images-cool tone, Salt Lake - Strongly textured, Wall Sky - Giltter shimmer, Glow - Photo Luminescent up to 8 hours, Matte - smooth antireflective, Satin - luster texture and scratch resistant.
Custom Designed Divider Walls - We can customize the design & pattern - Directly mounted to frame (no sheetrock needed)
Bathroom backsplash with customer chosen pattern. No tile needed - cut to measure - quick cost efficient install

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